Pagination with RecyclerView using RxAndroid

This technique supposes that MVP is implemented, however applies even if that isn't the case.

1. Create Rx event scroll over RecycleView component.

RecyclerView mRecyclerView;

//mMainPresenter is my presenter (MVP pattern).

* Management pagination how component Rx.
* @param observable : Observable from RecycleView component.
public void loadPager(Observable observable) {
        .subscribe(recyclerViewScrollEvent -> {

//My view (MVP pattern) interface should have the update scroll operation
void updateScroll();

//My activity should implement the update scroll operation

public void updateScroll() {
    visibleItemCount = layoutManager.getChildCount();
    pastVisibleItems = layoutManager.findFirstVisibleItemPosition();
    if ((visibleItemCount + pastVisibleItems) >= totalItemCount) {
        totalItemCount = totalItemCount + Constants.OFFSET_PAGINATION;
        //Here I call the API service with the next page param.

2. Declare the variables for pagination.

//The variables visibleItemCount, pastVisibleItems, totalItemCount and mLinearLayoutManager are defined in my activity

private int pastVisibleItems;
private int visibleItemCount;
private int totalItemCount;
private LinearLayoutManager mLinearLayoutManager;

//visibleItemCount and pastVisibleItems variables are initialized when the updateScroll() is overrided.

//totalItemCount variable is initialized when the list items is loaded.
totalItemCount = layoutManager.getItemCount();

//mLinearLayoutManager variable is initialized in onCreate method and used how layoutManager for my recycleView
mLinearLayoutManager = new LinearLayoutManager(this);

3. Finally, in onCreate method call the loadPager event.


You can see a real application on Git

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